How to avoid Scratches, Scuffs & Chips on your Hardwood Floors made by Ride on Toys

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You just spent your hard earned money on beautiful wood floors when you start to notice scratches, scuffs and even chips in the floor. You yell at the dog, the husband and finally the kids. But nobody knows where they scratches came from until you suggest that your kids go ride their ride on toy and for some reason look down to see the culprit. Say it is not so!!!! Not my child's favorite toy.
What are you going to do?
First, you must fix the floor. Here are some tips from the Daily Fix on "how to cover a scratch or chip in you hardwood floor". Next, fix the ride on toy problem. We have produced the solution for this problem, "Polyurethane Urethane Wheels" that will not scratch your floors. Problem Solved for all Skitter and Plasma Car owners. The upgraded Plasma Car or Skitter wheels come in either Blue or Red. Installing your upgraded wheels takes 10 minutes and all is good in the home again. The wheels come four (4) to a set.


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